A family court JUDGE is filmed during an illegal search & seizure; tells the Constitution to pound sand.
That is not hyperbole. What else do you call forcing a farmer to destroy 30,000 liters of milk in a nation with too many hungry and poor people?

January 2023

New Episode of Messy Times
This Fresh Illegal Exercise of Authority Targets Law-Abiding Gun Owners
So much for Elon Musk's fixing the platform; Selective malicious technical "rules" are the new shadow banning
I have one simple request

December 2022

Sometimes a moron is just a moron, not emblematic of a bigger ideal
How does ANYONE still believe this "Russia Collusion" Nonsense?
Four excellent guests on Messy Times provide invaluable perspectives
Biden is stealing from the Chinese Communist Party to weaponize Justice Department

November 2022

"White people wake up every day and choose violence," she claims publicly
We've hit peak interest in the Wuhan Hysteria; it's all indifference from here on in