"White people wake up every day and choose violence," she claims publicly
We've hit peak interest in the Wuhan Hysteria; it's all indifference from here on in
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Not content with manufacturing racist lies about American History, noted fabulist Nikole Hannah Jones attacks a working New York mother for being afraid…
Their demands make no sense, if vote integrity is the goal
If I endorsed someone for Congress, I'd be happy to talk about it for hours
And the Democratic National Committee didn't detect her serial lies and crimes???
Even cowardly keyboards warriors can provide valuable case studies in how not to behave
A friend who is still "allowed" - that lucky duck! - on LinkedIn shared this Catfisher
It won't kill you, there is no permanent record and it's a painless way to support writers
Maybe Paul Pelosi's attack will wake up Democrats who don't care when normal folks get attacked by criminals