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to add to the outrage, did you hear that the Biden administration decided to penalize high credit score homeowners with higher mortgage fees starting in May? you know, because of "equity"

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Apr 24, 2023·edited Apr 24, 2023Author

Classic, classic politician nonsense. These are the same idiots who made Fannie and Freddie give loans to deadbeats because, as you say, "equity," which then caused the Crash of 2007-08, which the media IMMEDIATELY began blaming on "greedy bankers" instead of Congress and decades of stupid subsidization of borrowing by people who could not repay their loans.

These jackasses just can't help themselves. When given a choice between keeping their hands off the free market and meddling, they always choose stupidity.

When Greece went bust, there was a European Union safety net to slightly soften the blow. Here, in heavily armed America, when the dollar becomes worthless and unemployment hits 20%, it's going to be awful. We're going to long for the prosperous peaceful days of 1863.

I hope I am wrong. Sincerely, I do.

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